Beauty of Rain

Love the nature to understand the beauty of art…

Adhuri khwaish

Apni khwaiso ko chor,
Meri zid ko aage kiya;

Khud ko taklif de,
Muze aaram diya;

Apne gum ko chupa kr,
Muze muskan diya;

Apsos yeh rha,
Main apke liye kuch nh kiya…


In the memory of my Grandpa.

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Wayétu Moore

“An Ol’Ma, a grand aunt maybe told us that all our dead and missing were resting peacefully in wandering clouds, and when it rains and you listen closely you can hear the things they forgot to tell you before leaving.”

– The Dragon The Giant The Woman

A girl with golden heart…..

I met a girl, unexpectedly;

Her eyes sparks like a supernova;

Smile carries rainbows;

Hairs are too complex and beautiful as quantum physics;

Beauty is so true that God even fall for her;

Moonlight is jealous;
With the purity of heart…

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Your smile is amazing; your beauty is so true.
Your eyes shine like stars, your lips glitters like the golden pearl, your presence has captured my soul, your smile has the magic to fascinate, your breath has given warmth to a heart – a place once so dark and cold.
You’re a gift made in heaven, you are the girl I now dream about, you’re an absolute princess, worthy of more than a divine crown.
I promise you everything to bring, I promise you everything I have to give, take this promise of love, I promise to be your love as long as I live……

Happiness in your arms…

Let’s talk #1

Hello !

Good evening to all. I hope you all are safe. I want to talk with all of you. I’m very curious to know about you. We’re only reading each other blog and comment feedback. But it becomes boring. So, I think about Let’s Talk and created it. I know you are thinking that how and what we are going to talk. It seems like weird and out of box thing. Let’s do some crazy and childish thing…..🐣

So, I’m asking you a question and you can also but not same.

Question –
What was the most craziest thing done by you ?